How can you strengthen this intuitive muscle?

One word…. Meditation

We have all had that “gut” feeling when something feels off or when we just “know” something great is going to happen…that excitement! Many people question this; its just a coincidence.

This is essentially our intuitive centre! And it is literally in our gut! It does not reside in our brain….our ego does.

If you want to strengthen your intuition, we have to learn to get out of our “heads”. We can do that by getting in touch with our intuitive self or centre…..this is where meditation comes in….

When we meditate, it allows us to detach from all of the hustle and bustle going on around us. We can quiet our mind. Quieting our mind and silencing it are
completely different. I have yet to completely silence my mind. When I meditate, I still have wayward thoughts invade such as:.

”Did I take something out for dinner? “What on earth are the dogs doing?”

Random thoughts that pop in and march into my “quiet” while I am trying to meditate. I acknowledge them and send them away….just letting them drift by
like clouds….I don’t have to ponder them, get caught up in them…I’ll deal with it later.

Meditation helps tap into our intuition by going into a “receptive” mode. Being “receptive” or “open” allows us to just “be”. It helps to clear the clutter going on
in our heads that we can get caught up in. The more you practice, the easier it is.

There is no set time limit either….if you are just beginning….try 5 mins….there is
no right or wrong time limit.

What I would suggest, if you are brand new to it, is to try a guided meditation. This may be easier for you at first…maybe not. It is a personal choice. I like both – it depends on what I am meditating about. The great thing about technology now is that all you need to do is go on and search “guided meditations”…they have them for every subject.
Try it for 7 days….just one week 5 mins a day…then let me know how it has changed your life for the better……I am willing to say that your stress level has decreased and you might even be sleeping better 😊