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Payment for services is required at time of booking.

Half Hour reading

What messages do your loved ones have for you? Is this the year that your career takes off?

The 30 minute private session provides a general overview for clients. It includes mediumship and/or a card reading. Clients may choose to have a combination of both or concentrate on one modality.

🌻 30 minutes 

🌻 Individual Readings

🌻 30 minute private session that includes mediumship/card reading (time permitting).


One Hour Readings

Messages from your loved ones in Spirit as well as bridging the gap with evidential mediumship are just a part of this 1 hour session. This in depth sitting also provides intuitive guidance through tarot and oracle in a comfortable setting.

🌻 1 hour

🌻 Individual Readings

🌻 1 hour private session that includes mediumship/card reading.


Mediumship, Psychic & Tarot Parties

Who doesn’t love to get together with friends?

It is a privilege to spend the evening sharing messages from your loved ones in Spirit. Minimum 6 guests are required to a maximum of 10 guests. Readings are 15 minutes in duration.

🌻 1 hour 30 minutes @ CA$240.00

🌻 Minimum 6 people to a maximum of 10 people

🌻 Readings are 15 minutes per person


Video Email Reading

Experience a full tarot or oracle card reading via video delivered to your inbox at an affordable price  Please email me for details.

🌻 15 minutes


Home Energy Cleansing

Every home tells its own story and remembers everything that has been imprinted from the past. Clearing or cleansing the home refreshes the energy around you and reinstates the positive energy flow. Can’t shake the feeling that your home doesn’t “feel” the same? Home energy cleansing may be what you and your home needs.

🌻 1 hour 

🌻 Duration as required.


Year at a Glance Reading

This unique reading combines both Oracle and Tarot by providing guidance from a detailed month by month overview as well as a birds eye view for the entire year!

🌻 30 minutes


Cancellation Policy: Life happens and Cheryl recognizes that things go sideways at times. Full refunds will be given with 24 hours notice.
For cancellations received with less than 24 hours notice, please contact Cheryl directly by email at


Could I be psychic?

OF COURSE! Cheryl believes that everyone has psychic abilities. It is that “gut” feeling we have all experienced.

What is the difference between a Psychic and a Medium?

All Mediums are psychic however, not all Psychics are mediums. Mediumship is the connection to the Spirit world whereas psychic ability uses a deeper connection to this (our) world. An evidential medium provides “evidence” or “proof” by communicating with loved ones to bring you a complete message/ story that you would understand. A Psychic blends “soul to soul” with the recipient. They bring clarity and provide guidance on any questions you may have about your life path. This is done on an intuitive level using our sixth sense. Both are very valuable; it depends on what type of reading is needed at the time.

Can I expect a specific loved one to come through?

Cheryl lets all of her clients know that she works for Spirit. It is up to Spirit to decide who really needs to come through FOR YOU. What that means is even though we may have our heart set on someone specific; there may be another that needs to come forward with a message for you more. This isn’t a bad thing…how amazing that our loved ones who have crossed over can provide the comfort we need! The key is to keep an open mind as well as be open to whoever comes through – you may be surprised!

What should I expect from a reading?

Cheryl’s goal is to make her clients feel comfortable and relaxed. Only positive messages are relayed. All readings entail a tarot or oracle spread as well as mediumship. Cheryl believes that it is all about intention.There is nothing to be fearful of. Cheryl will always ask her clients if they would like to receive messages from Spirit prior to starting the reading, Her goal is to make sure you are at ease.

Am I allowed to record the session?

ABSOLUTELY!!! It is suggested that you record the session on your own mobile device.

Are phone/ video readings just as good as "in person"?

Yes – energy is energy! Whether you are on the phone, sitting in front of your laptop or face to face, Spirit will come through.

“We’re all goldern sunflowers inside”

~Allen Ginsberg

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"We know what we are, but know not what we may be"


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